Here is a taste of what you can expect at Geneva Bakery:

geneva-bakery-fresh-bread-rolls geneva-bakery-fresh-breads geneva-bakery-fresh-healthy-breads geneva-bakery-freshly-baked geneva-bakery-fresh-pies-1 geneva-bakery-pastries-sweet-cream-filled-apple-turnover geneva-bakery-cakes-fresh-cream-black-forest geneva-bakery-confectionaries-sweets-treats Macarons MoreInStore

Our Product Ranges In Short:

  1. Pies
  2. Fresh cream pastries
  3. Pastries
  4. Donuts
  5. Breads
  6. Presentation bread for parties
  7. Bread Rolls / Buns
  8. Butter cream cakes
  9. Tarts
  10. Fresh cream cakes ( Dairy Fresh cream)
  11. Butter biscuits
  12. Swiss Rolls
  13. Maderia cakes
  14. Meringues
  15. Vol – Vons
  16. Delicious macarons

Being a German bakery, there are certain items Geneva Bakery specializes in, and others which it does not. If you are curious about whether or not we make specific products, ask here:

Do You Bake This?